Sebastian John


Sebastian works as a Media Editor at K12 Inc. in Washington DC area. Sebastian formerly worked as the News Photo Editor at National Geographic News, at the Associated Press South Asia bureau in New Delhi, India. Prior to AP he worked as picture coordinator, researcher, librarian, and photographer for Indian news magazines - The Week, Businessworld, and Outlook. His freelance work has appeared in
The Washington Times, The Eureka Reporter, Focused Images Photography Inc., Financial Times, SPAN, India Today, Outlook

Born in Bombay, he has lived in India, Africa, and the Middle East. He has graduate degrees in Geology and Journalism.

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  • photo editing
  • sports
  • research
  • travel
  • writing
  • image licensing
  • copyright
  • south asia
  • geology
  • libraries
  • management
  • science
  • photography


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